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1. To provide a basis for; base: "The American Revolution had been premised on a tacit bargain that regional conflicts would be subordinated to the need for unity   Feb 28, 2020 Or to put it in simpler terms, cloud computing means you're using someone else's hardware instead of having to use your own. In on-premises  Dec 27, 2019 For those companies growing quickly, it means that you'll never have to worry about slowing down because your equipment can't keep up. Mar 12, 2020 What “On-Premise” Means to Businesses.

On premise means

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What are the benefits and weaknesses of each solution and  On-premise means that the software is installed and run on computers on the premises of the organisation, rather than at a remote facility. Sep 17, 2020 This means workloads that require regular large transfers won't be impeded. Companies also have direct control over their IT resources, such as  A "premise" is part of an argument or theory. The plural of "premise" is "premises." This causes confusion because the word "premises" also means land or  Nov 12, 2020 On-premise means that a company keeps all of this IT infrastructure onsite, which is either managed by themselves or a third-party. With the  It pertains to in-store marketing that companies use to influence buyers.

But the verb ‘service’ does have a legitimate alternate definition that means to ‘perform a service or services’. For now, at least, there’s no such alternative for ‘on-premise’. Beyond being grammatically wrong, saying your IT is ‘on-premise’ is also imprecise from a technology perspective.

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However , another underlying premise is that the work  television programme this premise in itself did not make the activities meaningful. Instead, meaning was dependent on how the teachers designed and  While some of its products are sold on their own, other products are sold as add-ons to larger ERP systems (e.g. its Lasernet product).

On premise means

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Whereas Cloud works otherwise and the infrastructure is  Mar 27, 2017 What are the key differences between a Hosted vs On-Premise software solution.

With the Cloud it means that it is housed offsite with someone else responsible for monitoring and maintaining it.
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On premise means

Which means that it is easy for you as a customer to manage the system  reliable and scalable cloud services means the cloud should be the Steven Sinofsky also argues that the debate over on-premise versus  In the second stage, Omegapoint will commission a full-scale CyberFrame Arena where it will run real-life, on-premise training for participants  the innovation opportunities it creates, means we are well positioned across vendors including AWS, Azure and on-premise infrastructure.

Definition of on the premises.
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This means you aren't tied into a choice  A successful cloud strategy means thinking about the whole lifecycle - from solution for the Microsoft Azure Stack on-premise and hybrid cloud platform. the edge, software in the cloud, or as software on other industry platforms.

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· The definition of a premise is a previous statement that an  On-premise meaning. On-premises (or more commonly misstated as on-premise) means that a company keeps its IT infrastructure, applications or software within  On-premise email archiving solutions typically offer a limited amount of storage space, meaning you'll need to purchase more once you've reached capacity. Jun 10, 2015 Grounded theory research is inductive and deductive and also has an abductive component, meaning that premises the researcher develops  May 2, 2019 What Does On-Premise Cloud Mean? What on-premise Cloud, or local software, actually refers to is software that is installed and “hosted” directly  A completely meaningless phrase often uttered by complete retards who mean " on-premises" Search results.

to base a theory, argument, etc. on an idea….